Computer Workstation - CE marking of ATEX EEx p equipments

This article is addressed to the manufacturers or integrators of equipments subjected to be operated in hazardous or classified areas and protected by purge and pressurization .


To comply with the directive 94/CE ATEX applicable from July 2004 a CE Type attestation delivered by a body certification office must involve not only the purge and pressure monitor used but as well the complete equipment protected .

In other way and in order for the manufacturer to be authorized marking CE his material ( this is mandatory for Europe destination ) the integration of all parts related to safety must be realized by participant whose quality system has been notified 94/09/CE ATEX EExp .

Today OPTA-PERIPH offers customers:

  1. The supply of the Purge and Pressure Monitor LCS certified by CE type attestation according to the directive 94/09/CE ATEX for the Group II 2 G – Component certification -.
  2. The certification service for the customer to get the CE type attestation according to the directive 94/09/CE ATEX for the Group II 2G of the complete equipment .- Compound certification .
  3. The integration (locally or in works) of all parts of equipment related to safety under quality procedure notified 94/09/CE ATEX EEx p .

  Thus , customer will be authorized using the CE mark in compliance with the directive ATEX EEx p.

If a product line is involved a procedure of assistance is set-up with customer .

Among the most current ATEX EEx p applications:

  • Electrical motors with air-air or air-water cooling
  • Gas or liquid analysers
  • Computer workstations
  • Air conditioning and chillers
  • Electrical or instrument cabinets
  • Printers

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