Liquefied gas LNG sample probe & vaporizer for chromatograph / calorimeter / spot or automatic sampling automatic sampling

For LNG terminal or recondenser it is now a common practice to determine the composition, density and gross calorific value of LNG delivered by direct on line GC or wobbe analyser plus indirect lab analysis methods. A precise sampling is prerequisite for both analysis.

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I- LNG Sample take-off probe:

The ISOSAMPLE 8100 SAMPLE TAKE-OFF PROBE has been designed to provide a thermal insulation of the sample take-off probe by hight vacuum maintained below 1.10-4 torr.

The conjonction of this ultra-low residual pressure minimizing heat leak by conduction and convection with layer of radiation shields cryogenic perlite constitutes a superinsulation system providing apparent thermal conductivity (k) values below 0.4 milliwatt per meter-kelvin (mW/m-k), therefore the enthalpy rise can be controlled to be inferior of the subcooling degree and fractionation will not have occured in the sampling line even for low LNG pressure in line


II-LNG Sample vaporizer:

The LNG sample is vacuum isolated up to the sample vaporizer coil exchanger sealed in calorific block temperature controlled. At this point, sample is flashing to eliminate any fractionated distillation effect.

Inlet / outlet temperatures and pressures are monitored with interlock shut-off system

This principle focuses on improving reproducibility between lab and on line GC to a value better than the 0.15% specified by ASTM D-1945 .

The vaporizer is provided in a stainless steel box, protecting code is ATEX II 2G EEx de IICT4